Massive Metal Chandelier Adam - Residential Lighting Project Vermont Residential Lighting Design
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    Residential Lighting

    Home is our sanctuary and our universe. That is to say, it’s both the place that most affects the quality of our lives by its level of warmth, comfort, and beauty, and the place where we have the most power to affect change. Lighting is one of the most powerful elements that define the ambiance and functionality of a space. And hey, it’s the jewelry of the room.

    Home is where the heart is.

    We are makers of unique lighting, we help customers create that sense of place- rooms that, in addition to their functionality and beauty, reflect the individuality of each client, rooms that set the stage for each unfolding story. Our product line focuses upon repurposing as a means of creating unique pieces that tell a story of their own. And a chandelier repurposed from a customer’s personal object can be especially meaningful. But our custom capacity and extensive list of vendors makes us conversant in all styles, from traditional and vintage, to ultra clean and contemporary. Come in, sit down, and let the storytelling begin.


    We are makers.