We are Designers and Makers.

Lighting & Metalwork Restoration


Step up to our showroom counter and our reverence for the past becomes palpable.

Repair and restoration of decorative metalwork launched our business in the 70’s and we’ve been passionately immersed in this work ever since.

Our practical knowledge of how things are made, extensive collection of hand and power tools, vast inventory of antique parts, and sizeable industrial space provide what we need to ply our craft. And we enjoy what we do.

Decades of daily experience in repair, refinishing and rewiring have imparted a deep knowledge of proven techniques and our veneration for history and craftsmanship is guided by the rigors of today’s stringent safety standards. As a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified shop, safety is job one. Is your lighting safe? Has it lost its luster? Let us help!

We operate at a shop labor rate of $100.00 per hour with a minimum of $100.00.