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As you may be aware, Conant Metal & Light is in the midst of some pretty significant changes both cosmetic and otherwise. We’re currently undertaking the renovation of our office and workshop spaces, which will be followed by a fresh overhauled showroom deeper within ‘The Soda Plant”.

spring cleaning

Above, we see Dan and Santiago working around temporary storage as the cycle of movement is beginning.


Our techs are hard at work in shifting everything in the workshop, from ripping down ceiling to expose hardwood over I-beams, to washing and painting the floors a fresh new coat. It’s amazing to witness the velocity at which our spaces are transforming, clearly out of the excitement for the finished product.


This area of the shop is in great shape already, and will provide our technicians with a clear space to build the extraordinary and restore the vintage.

IMG_8105Can you spot Bentley (one of our shop dogs) below?


Stay tuned for more updates as we break and make these new environments!!

Burlington VT, First in the Nation using 100% Renewable Energy.


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As defined by Google – pi·o·neer   verb   develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity). Watch this PBS NEWSHOUR clip to find out how Burlington VT is pioneering the realization of renewable energy.

Side note, can you spot the Conantmobile in the opening shot?

String Lights for your outdoor shenanigans!


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Although I admit that the holidays have come only to pass, can we agree that there’s ALWAYS a reason to celebrate (something)? Check out Apartment Therapy’s breakdown of some of the best outdoor string lights you can get your hands on right now – just in time for that birthday, or this cookout, or that anniversary..if not just for the radiating ambiance floating orbs of light cast over a deep dark blue skyline create.

Untitled-1Get specifics HERE.


REUSE! Because You Can’t Recycle The Planet – Official Trailer

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We are proud to take part in Alex Eaves’ new documentary “REUSE! Because you can’t recycle the planet”, where he captures creative reusing across 48 states. Please watch the trailer below and follow the links for more information!

“In April of 2013, Reuse Pro Alex Eaves launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for his REUSE! Documentary project. That summer, Eaves and his various videographers traveled around the entire contiguous US, seeking out people in all 48 states (and DC) who were reusing in original ways. And to showcase his own work, Eaves set up pop up shops along the way for STAY VOCAL, his certified green reuse apparel brand. By documenting this in a unique edutainment experience, Eaves will broaden the awareness that reuse is a primary solution to our problem of increasing waste and diminishing resources. And he will show that reusing is not only more beneficial for people, planet, and wallet than recycling, but it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s everywhere…”


Visit the website HERE.

Visit the facebook site HERE.

Visit the shop HERE.

Express yourself via..

Twitter: #ReuseDocumentary

Instagram: #ReuseDocumentary




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BANNER darkThat’s right folks – four letters we haven’t said in a really, really long time. SALE!

We’re moving, so you’d better stop by our showroom starting DECEMBER 2ND for a chance to get an unprecedented deal on the fixtures you’ve always wanted. And, don’t forget you can always accessorize your existing pendants, linears, chandeliers, etc. with new and cool shades. Refining your style doesn’t have to burn a hole in your purses and wallets after all.

Linear 42″ Three Light Ceiling Fixture

This beautiful Triple Linear for example, is ready and waiting! Check out the specs HERE!

Already hooked up in the lighting department? all of our furniture and accessories will be on sale as well.

Zinc Retrofitted Woodworker’s Bench

This beautiful Zinc topped woodworker’s bench would look amazing in your space! Check it out HERE!

Try to stop in sooner rather than later to find exactly what you want – Before its gone for good!

We’ll see you soon! :)