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Contract Manufacturing

Handcrafted Solutions

Whether you’re hoping to bring hand-drawn sketches to life, get UL certification for an existing product, or need a manufacturer you can trust with your product line, our team can do it all.

A touch of craftsmanship in every detail.

Made in the USA

Nestled in Burlington, VT's South End Arts District, our 8,000 square-foot production shop thrives on 30-year relationships with local vendors, ensuring the use of quality materials sourced throughout the Northeast.

Locally made, locally sourced.

Uncompromising Quality

Hooks KE2J8447.JPG
Pared - Peter working on Sconce No. ___.jpg
Trust us to handle your project with the same care and attention you would give. Working closely with each client, we develop and implement quality control standards, embracing client-specific procedures. Your vision becomes our craft, and we take pride in delivering nothing short of excellence.

The only corners we cut are out of sheet metal!

Capabilities and Facilities

We’re well-equipped to meet a diverse range of needs and projects including:







-Metal Finishing





-Customized Finishing

Design Engineering

-Research and Development



-UL Certification


-Single custom units through full production run


-Inventory Management

-Stocking and Order Fulfillment

-Drop Shipping
-Freight Service

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